Finding Things To Blog About

10 04 2007

Well, here I am. I’ve finally started blogging about something I enjoy, but I don’t get a lot of traffic yet. Hopefully soon enough I’ll be getting more traffic, and people will post comments and I’ll be one of those psychocrazybloggers that has nothing better to do with their waking hours than blog. Okay, well let’s not go that far with it.

So what will I put on here next???? Hum… I’m still thinking, and haven’t decided. I guess I’ll just be working on some new reviews and such.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to head up to OP:Kudzu over in South Carolina in May, but I’ve got to get my gear together. If I do get around to going, expect a full write up on it. If only we could get something like that going down here in Georgia. Well, I digress… That being said, I’m looking at getting some more gear, which in turn means more reviews. So keep watching for reviews on a BlackHawk hydration pack of some type, mag pouches, suspender and web belt sets, and a chest rig. Also up for review soon is the Classic Army M15A4 RIS, KWA USP.45, Maxpedition RolyPoly, MAG M16 style mags, and more. I’m debating on doing some of my reviews in video format, or perhaps doing reviews in both video and text format so lazy people can watch me (shudder), and everyone else can read the details. Maybe short video clips and full length reviews would be best… again… we’ll see what I have time for (I do have a job you know!).

tags: airsoft reviews op kudzu tactical gear kwa classic army maxpedition blackhawk georgia south carolina




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