Looking to start a team

20 04 2007

Well guys, I’m trying to start an airsoft team. I’m not looking for people to have a particular loadout, nor am I looking to create a my own army either. I’m looking for 5-10 guys / gals who want to play in the Atlanta area. I’m looking at playing mainly at Strategic Airsoft Command and Georgetown (Dawsonville), so that gives us both a woodland and a CQB site. Team members must have their own transportation, and must be able to understand that it’s just a game. I love the mil-sim aspect of airsoft, but I’m not totally hardcore, and I welcome all types of players just remember that we are a team. Also, I will not tolerate profanity for the sake of profanity. I’m not one to censor, but in my opinion, people who feel the need to swear constantly just lack the intelligence or vocabulary to actually express their thoughts.

As it is now, there are just two members of this team (which as of late does not have a name). So if you’re in the east or north Atlanta area shoot us an email: Click here to join up

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