Unexpected and Plesant Concequences

21 04 2007

Okay, let me preface this with the fact that I have nothing aginst people who are Mormon.  Now, I have my own faith, and I don’t agree with Mormons, but I have nothing personally against them.  So don’t get your panities in a bunch over this.

So I’m getting ready to load up a bunch of airsoft gear and guns into my trunk, so I’ve turned the living room into a staging area.  I’ve got several rifles, pistols, and assorted gear laying about near the door and on the couch.  I leave the room for a few minutes to do some work (I work from home), and then I hear a knock knock on the door.  Now, I’m not expecting anyone so I peak around into the living room and see two Mormons at the door.  I go to the door and open it up and the happy expressions on these two guys change to a look of uncertainty and nervousness.  I politely declined any information they had to share and they quickly turned and hustled off.  It wasn’t till they left that I realized that all my gear was in plain view of the doorway and it had totally spooked them!  I wish I had a video clip of the look on their faces changing.  It was classic.




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