USP Woes Continue, but Eddie to the rescue!

2 05 2007

Okay, so my KWA USP .45 woes continue. Today while shooting in the backyard at targets, the slide cracked. Yep, cracked. Instant malfunction. As soon as it happened the gun no long cycled, so I immediately took the slide off and inspected the internals. Sure enough… there is a crack all around the front of the slide around where it meets the recoil spring guide. Now those of you who know me, or have heard me talk about this gun, know that it’s been a real love hate relationship. One minute it’s working like a champ, the next nothing is working right. I’ve had to have the recoil assembly replace (after the spring guide broke), the hop up unit replaced (because it would not stay adjusted), and the sights wouldn’t stay still. Now this. Well, even after replacing the hop up unit, it still does not stay in place. I even had a pro do the tightbore up grade and replace the hop up (Airsoft Atlanta), so now what?

Eddie to the rescue!!!! Or so I hope! 🙂

Eddie if you’re reading this, all my hopes for this gun rest in your hands!

Eddie evidently works for J Sports USA, the US distributor for KWA. Now I’ve talked with Eddie 3 times. Once to get a replacement recoil assembly, once to get the hop up assembly, and once after the slide cracked. Now Eddie heard my pleas for help, and said to ship him the gun and he’ll take a look and see what needs to be replaced. I’m glad to see that customer service is not a lost art, and I truly hope to update this page with a post about how well they took care of the problems I’ve had.

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