Eddie Rocks!

10 05 2007

Well, here’s an update on the situation with my KWA USP .45. I gave Eddie (at J Sports USA — Distributor of KWA airsoft equipment in the USA), a call this afternoon. He looked up his notes on my airsoft pistol and told me that he was just shipping me a NEW one. He had test fired it several times, and can assure me it works as it should. I am thoroughly excited. He’s going to fit my old tightbore back in it and make sure it’s working and then ship it out hopefully today.

Though I haven’t received it yet, I must say that I am thoroughly pleased so far with my experience dealing with both Eddie, and J Sports USA as a company. Eddie has done a fine job in retaining me as a customer through the excellent customer service he has shown. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll have it back, and I can give you all a recap of the service I have received.

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One response

12 05 2007

Sounds like Eddie is a good person. Now a days, its very difficult finding good customer service. When I find someone at any business with good customer service, I always request that person.

Keep us updated on the the experience.

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