Madbull parts are in

12 05 2007

I just received my Madbull Shark Hop Up bucking and the Madbull Piston (it has 7 full metal teeth). So, as soon as I get a second gearbox here (probably in a week or two), those will be tested! I’m excited about putting the Madbull Piston through it’s paces with an M90 spring (I don’t have anything stronger at the moment). After firing it for several thousand rounds, I’ll take a look at it, and see how it’s wearing.

The Shark Hop Up will find it’s home in my Classic Army M15A4 CQB, and might just make me truly happy with it. I’ll give you the skinny on FPS changes, range changes, and trajectory changes.
I’ll probably swing down to Airsoft Atlanta this next weekend and have them fit the hop up for me (I just don’t want to deal with the RIS and delta ring on my M4), then rechrono my M4 (I’ll do before and after results with the new hop up), and I should have my new KWA USP .45 (as my old one is being replaced by J SPORTS USA) by then.

Also in the next week, I should be receiving some products for review from Maxpedition (just got the tracking numbers from Fedex), and I’m am really excited to try them out. I’m going to get them dirty, beat them up and flat out abuse them and see if they truly are “Hard Use Gear” as they are called. From what I’ve seen from the RollyPoly dump pouch.. they’ll take a beating and ask for more.

In more news, I have decided to hold off on doing the videos for the training segments I am doing, and have decided to just do them with text and pictures. I might go back and do them with video, but that will have to wait for a later date (as I don’t have a MiniDV camera available). Panasonic if you’re checking this out and want to throw me a free mini-dv camcorder, I’d gladly accept! I have typed up some of the segments, but the pictures are crucial, and I have to wait for time and weather to cooperate.

To all of you who are sending me gear and guns and goodies to review, I really appreciate it, and as soon as I can the reviews will be online and you’ll receive an email so you can check them out for yourself!

So keep your eyes open, suscribe to my feed, check back daily, and enjoy the ride.

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