FedEx where are you?????

17 05 2007

Okay, so some of my goodies are suppsoed to be here today… and usually FedEx is here by noon, but it’s 6pm and they’re not here yet. Yeah, I know home deliveries are anywhere from 9am to 8pm…. the suspense is killing me.

Okay, so FedEx failed me today :(. According to the tracking number the package is still on the truck for delivery for today…. um…. it’s 10:20pm….. Guess it’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

On the brighter side, I took a little trip down to AirsoftAtlanta today, and had them install my Madbull Hop Up bucking today. They hooked me up and did the job for free. I’ve not had a real chance to mess with it much, but I’ll do so over the weekend. I’ll have the full write up on it by Monday… weather permitting me a chance to play with it.

tags: madbull shark airsoft atlanta




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