Review of Georgetown Field — Team Airsoft in Dawsonville, GA

12 07 2007

Hey everyone, I know I promised this about 2 weeks ago, but that’s how things go. I finally got around to finishing my review of the night game played at Georgetown which is an airsoft site in Dawsonville, GA. You’ll have to read all about it to get a full feeling for what it was like to play there. The short of it is that the time I spent there was awesome in every sense. Really every sense. We could feel the awesome amounts of sweat from the awesome temperatures that were cooking us like steamed veggies. We could hear the awesome sounds of bbs being let loose like African Killer Bees all around us. We could see the awesome power a tactical light can have in utter darkness. And I could taste the fear in my opponents. Okay, maybe not that last one, but the rest were true. So click this link and read all about it!


Team Airsoft





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