Silicone Oil

7 08 2007


Just a tip here for you guys.  When you’re using silicone oil to lube up and clean up your airsoft guns (you are cleaning your guns right?), forget buying your lube in those spray cans you see at airsoft stores.  Why?  Well, if you go to your local hobby shop you’ll find a much larger selection of 100% silicone oil in bottles.

The silicone oil you get in those spray cans is usually about a 10-20 weight which is good for some stuff, but not great for other things.  My KWA USP .45 came with a bottle of silicone oil, but it was about 80 weight and very thick…. too thick.

Let’s take a look at some of the uses for silicone oil on your guns:

  • Cleaning your inner barrel
  • Lubricating the follower in your mags
  • Lubricating the slide on your GBB
  • Lubricating the blow back seals on your GBB
  • Lubricating the valves and seals on your GBB mag
  • Lubricating the recoil spring guide on your GBB
  • Lubricating the outer barrel (needed on some guns) of your GBB
  • Lubricating the mechanical workings of your GBB

As you can see, there are quite a few uses, but one weight of silicone oil does not work on each of these parts in an effective manner. 

Today I took a trip to my local Hobby Town USA to buy some silicone oil (and look at a Li-Poly charger… that’s for another day).  I knew that the spray stuff was okay in viscosity for some things, but the oil that came with my pistol was WAY too thick.  I picked up a 10 and 60 weight oil. Ten is about as runny as it comes.  It’s like the after effects of spending your million dollar lottery winnings on a night at Taco Bell.  The 60 weight was slightly runnier than the stuff that came with my pistol, and should be quite useful.  I also picked up two bottles with needle tips on them to make oiling my gun easier.

As soon as I arrived home I striped down my USP, and with a clean(ish) rag I wiped all the oil off of the gun.  Make sure to remove oil from the groves on the slide, the nozzle, the slide rails on the body, the spring guide, the groove, and the hammer mechanism.  Once this is all clean you’re ready to get started.

Here’s my breakdown of which weight oil when where:

10 Weight Silicone Oil

60 Weight Silicone Oil

Mag Follower Slide groves (that meet with body)
Blow Back Mech. O-ring / Seal Slide rails on the body
Valves and seals on Mag Recoil spring guide
Hammer Mechanism Outer Barrel (where it meets the slide)

After doing this, I put about 3 drops of the 10 weight silicone oil in the neck of my propane can before hooking up my Airsoft Innovations Propane Adapter.  This will help keep the seals on my GBB mags in good shape.  I filled up my mag with bb’s and propane and took it outside.

Pointed in a safe direction, I fired off a full mag worth of bbs.  I noticed that the slide was cycling much faster than any time I had used the KWA silicone oil (that was included with my pistol), and the action was smoother. 

The key to this is to make sure to put just what you need, and NOT over doing the oil.  I put about 1 drop across the hammer and mechanical assembly, and only 3 drops on each side of the slide in the grove that meets the body of the gun.  Too much lube will gunk up and wear down your gun quickly.

Feel free to experiment with different weights and see what works for you.  Feel free to post comments about your experiences as well!  Good luck and keep your gun clean and well maintained. 




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19 06 2011
Legitimate airsoft silicon lube substitute.

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