Upgrades and Updates

13 08 2007


Okay everyone, here’s the news.  Tomorrow I should be receiving some throat mics to try out (I’m really excited about that.  I’ve been dying to buy a set and one of my sponsors has been awesome enough to toss two my way for review!!!!

Also, I’m stoked that all the parts to upgrade my M4 have arrived (who knew the US Postal service worked on Sundays?).  I’ll be putting together an article on the ins and outs of upgrading the Classic Army M15A4 RIS to shooting about 400 fps (hopefully a little on the low side). 

I’ve also acquired a H&K MP7a1, but it’s not functioning (according to the seller).  I figure I might be able to fix it up and get it running again, making for a good tutorial on the MP7 and for some great pictures of the guts of it.

I am looking at getting a Streamlight TLR-1 weapon light as well soon, and that would make for an awesome review.

One of my teammates recently picked up some boots from LA Police Gear (their in house brand), and had 3 days of straight airsoft with which to try them out.  Look for a review on those soon as well.

On a side note, I’ll be picking up a new digital camera soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to get better pictures for the reviews. 

For me it’s almost like Christmas with the amount of gear and parts I have coming in, so I’ll be posting quite a few reviews on here soon.  Looks like August and September are going to be choc full of goodness.




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