Systema Magnum Testing & Head To Head Results

10 01 2008

Okay, sorry for the absence of posting lately. I hope to remedy this shortly, and redeem myself. I have been very busy in my personal and professional life, so this took a bit of a back burner. Now with the holidays and all over with, I can be focused on Airsoft again!

Over the holidays I received much in the way of Airsoft goodness, and I look to share these with you as time permits.


Without further adieu, I’d like to present the review many of you have been waiting for…. The Systema Magnum Motor. In this review I put the Systema Magnum Motor up head to head with a Classic Army Stock High Torque Motor and a Marui EG1000 motor to see if it’s all hype or the real deal! I’d like to thank the guys over at AirSplat for tossing me this motor to test. If you guys are looking to pick up one of these, or other Airsoft gear, then I recommend you try them out!




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