Vanaras POM M203 40mm Grenade Shells

21 11 2008

I’m excited to say I got my hands on one of these puppies and it’s been a great product to test.  Grenade shells have been around in the airsoft world for a bit, but there really hasn’t been much difference in them from one to the next, minus capacity or ammo type.  Vanaras comes out of the corner swinging by changing the way things are done and bringing to you the first POM grenade shell.  Light weight and inexpensive, this is truly a promising product.  Does it live up to the hype?  Well, click  the link below and read up on it.

I’d also like to thank RSOV for shipping these to me courtesy of Vanaras.

Review of the Vanaras POM M203 40mm Grenade Shell




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