EGO / Aquilia M203 40mm Grenade Shell Reviewed

1 12 2008

I’m going through a bit of a phase right now involving grenade shells. Odd thing too, given the drop in temperatures here in the Northern Hemisphere. Alas, I am going to continue to systematically review these things through the hard cold winter months.

This review is all about the EGO… or as the package says… Aquilia M203 grenade shell. When you just want to rain down wanton destruction on your foes at the field, nothing says BOOM like an m203 shell going off; but what good does an m203 shell do if it doesn’t hit the target or even function? How well does the EGO / Aquila shell stack up?  Does it work?  Does it hold up to the retailer’s claims?  Well, that’s why I’m testing these things… so you don’t have to. Without wasting anymore time, click the link below and be whisked off to my review of the EGO / Aquilia M203 40mm grenade shell.

EGO / Aquilia 40mm M203 Grenade Shell




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