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6 10 2009

Amazing how quickly the first 3 quarter’s of the year is almost over. Halloween is quickly approaching and we are in the middle of Fall. Personally, I love fall, the leaves changing, and cooling weather after a scorching 4 months of heat.

I included our October update below. We’ve just received a shipment of ICS Galil’s, first to have them in the US.  We built a new page for airsoft information that hopefully will be helpful to all airsofters.

Thank you again and have a great Halloween!

Kenneth W

ICS Galil AR 92 Airsoft AEG Rifle ONLY $389.95

ICS Galil ARM 91 Airsoft AEG Rifle ONLY $434.95

ICS L86 A2 LSW Airsoft AEG Rifle ONLY  $399.95

More Images on our FaceBook Page

New Airsoft Information Page with Diagrams, Videos, Reviews, Owner’s Manuals, and Information on Batteries, Gas Guns, AEG’s, Maintenance, Fields and Teams in the US, and Airsoft Safety

Paintball Guns, Markers, Barrels, and Upgrades Available at AirSplat!

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