Update from AirSplat

27 10 2010

All new items including the Exclusive Snow Wolf M99 Spring Sniper Rifle $189.99 and the Snow Wolf M82 AEG $279.99! We’re the only place in the US that carries these models. Best of all, they aren’t over $900 like their predecessors! Plus, we now have the all new ICS MX5 Pro for only $254.99!

Snow Wolf M99 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Only $189.99

Snow Wolf M82 Airsoft AEG Rifle SW02 Only $279.99

Snow Wolf M24 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle OD 04 Only $119.99

Snow Wolf M24 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle BK 04 Only $119.99

A&K M4 CQB-L Airsoft AEG Gun Rifle Only $129.99

A&K M4 Airsoft AEG Gun Rifle D1 Only $214.99

A&K M4 RIS-S Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle Only $144.99

A&K SR25K Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun AEG Only $214.99

ICS MX5 Pro Airsoft Electric Gun Rifle Only $254.99

ICS MP5A5 Airsoft AEG Gun Rifle 18 Only $249.99

ICS AK47 AK74 Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle 35 Only $309.99

ICS 40mm M203 Grenade Shower Shells MA77 Only $89.99

ICS M4 AEG OD Stubby Silencer MA-19 Only $54.99

WE HK416 Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun TAN Only $374.99

WE M92 Metal Airsoft Gas Blowback Gun TN Only $104.99

WE 1911 Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol DS Only $109.99

WE 1911 Tactical Gas Blowback Gun BLK Only $109.99

All New Facebook Giveaway Prizes!

Like our Facebook page for a chance to win! Random drawing every new 1000 likes.

All New AirSplat ON DEMAND Episodes!
Well M4 Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun Rifle

Magpul Masada ACR Airsoft AEG Electric Rifle Gun

KWA KZ75 Gas Airsoft Blowback Gun Pistol

Classic Army CA-25 SR-25 URX Airsoft Electric Gun

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