KWA Technical Bulletin for the ATP

20 09 2011

Some purchasers of the new KWA ATP have had issues with the slide being stuck.  What they have found is that the impact buffer may be installed backwards on some of their guns.  They are correcting the issue and have instructed retailers to test each unit they have in stock.  If you have issues with your slide being stuck, please check out the video below for the procedure to correct the problem.


New Tech Article

28 01 2009

PhotobucketI have a feeling that this article might create a bit of controversy among many airsofters, but I felt that the truth must come out! Too long have manufacturers hidden behind sly marketing ploys to make a fast buck, leaving airsoft mechanics wondering where the accuracy of their airsoft guns went! Yes… today we take a look at how to properly choose the correct inner barrel for your application!

How to Choose an Inner Barrel

And now back to your regularly scheduled program…

7 10 2008

Yes, I know, I’ve kept you waiting.  Keep your shirts on guys and gals.  Here’s the skinny on what’s coming up.

First, I’ve finally got my hands on a Dboys SCAR-L.  I’ve toyed with it a bit, and will skirmish with it this weekend.  Then expect a full write up end of next week, or beginning of the week after.  At the same time I’ll be starting my 100% AEG article.  I’ll build this Chinese clone into an AEG that can run at 100% (meaning the drive train and all it’s bits), without overtaxing any one part.  I’ve got high hopes for this AEG, as I’ve already hooked it up to a Li-Poly battery and it’s working well out of the gate.  I’ll prove once and for all, that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to build a strong AEG, but that craftsmanship and choice of parts is where it’s at.  I’ll even keep a dollar amount going to keep you guys happy.  This series will probably be released one segment at a time given the number of items we must look at (as opposed to one big article).

Back to the Li-Poly thing again.  I hooked a 7.4v lipo to my SCAR (2200mAh 30C) and tested the ROF.  NO INCREASE.  That means that there is something limiting the RPM.  Oh wait… I bet you it’s the motor.  Proof that high current batteries don’t push motors harder, but that the motor determines the amount of current needed.  Power people it’s all about power!

Okay, back on track.  I also have news from Vanaras and RSOV.Com.  They are shipping me an assortment of Vanaras parts (mainly grenade shells) to test.  Awesome!  I’ll be looking forward to that.  In fact, as my 40mm shell collection increases in size, I’ll be testing them in a head to head bout; testing fps, ease of use, capacity of gas, construction, and durability.  So keep your eyes out for that.

Hang in there folks.  As the year begins to wind down, I’ll have lots of goodies for you!

A Primer on Lithium-Polymer Batteries Part 4

1 09 2008

Last stop! Everyone off! Our long journey brings us to part 4 of our series on the li-poly battery. It’s been an excellent trip with a down and dirty look at all the glorious parts of making the switch over to li-poly batteries. In this final article on Li-poly batteries we are going to look closer at the amount of work that li-poly batteries can do, and wrap up all 4 parts in a nice neat package. Enjoy!


A Primer on Lithium-Polymer Batteries Part 4

A Primer on Lithium-Polymer Batteries Part 2

18 08 2008

In the first article we debunked some of the myths that surround this surreal source of super power.  This time around we take a closer look at the actual maintenance and precautions involved with using a li-poly battery.  While it might seem a bit overwhelming at first, I think you’ll be pleased by the time you get to the end of part two, at how easy it really is to use a li-poly.  It looks like this will be a three part series, so if you want to stay informed about updates to articles and changes to the website, please sign up for email updates using the link at the top right of the website under “Email Subscription”.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to sell your name out or anything like that.  It’s just there to get all the info I have to give out to you guys (and gals).



Lithium-Polymer Batteries — Part 2

The 100% Gun

15 08 2008

In part 1 of my Lithium-Polymer Batteries article, I talked about having a 100% gun.  By that I meant having a gun that was built to run at 100%.  As it is, most AEG’s on the market cannot run at 100% due to some problem; whether it is poor materials, mismatched material, or poor build quality.  Some of you have asked for me to expand on this and show you how to build a gun that is capable of running at 100%.  Well, to that end, I’ve started the write up on it.  It looks like it will need to be a 5-10 part article as there is A LOT of information to cover.  While it sounds complicated, I broke it down to a lot of steps to try to show how each item on the list is very simple to complete.  In order to make all the topic covered in this series easy to understand I’ll be using various media including write ups, pictures, and video.  What does that mean to you?  Well, it means that these articles will take some time to publish so expect some delays but I will do all I can to keep them at a minimum.  At the moment, my biggest delay is just getting a new AEG to start with.  I want to start with a brand new, untouched, fresh from the box gun to avoid any bias in the article.  In fact, the plan is to create a 100% gun out of a clone.  Whether or not that works out… well, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Keep your eyes peeled for more info on this.

A Primer on Lithium-Polymer Batteries

11 08 2008

When most people think about using lithium-polymer batteries (lipos,li-poly,etc.) in their AEG’s we often associate it with a nuclear explosion or some other mega disaster.  Well fear no longer!  After recently making the switch to li-poly batteries, I don’t know that I could ever go back!  In light of that, I’ve started a series of articles (probably 2 or 3), about using lipo batteries and debunking some of the uneducated thoughts regarding these power houses o’plenty.

Part one is a close look at two of the common concerns about li-poly batteries, and reveals the real truth behind them!


Lithium-Polymer Batteries — Part1