MOSFET w/ Active Braking Circuit

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Okay, you guys have all heard of this thing called the MOSFET. Many of you just think it’s too technical to bother with. Other’s can’t justify buying one, and some of you just don’t know what they do. Well, I’m here to help you out.

What does a MOSFET do for me?
Glad you asked! A MOSFET will remove the current that normally has to travel through your trigger switch to your motor to power your AEG. Trigger switches have a higher resistance that you might think. That means reducing the amount of power going to your motor. Think of it this way, can you get all the performance out of your car by removing 2 of the cylinders? Nope. The power is there to be had, but you’re just not using it all. The MOSFET redirects the power so when you pull the trigger, the power goes from the battery through the MOSFET and to your motor. There is almost 0 resistance, therefore almost every drop of power reaches your motor!
But what’s this “Active Braking” thing?
A lot of people have been selling MOSFETS, but not ones including Active Braking. Active braking is a method of stopping your motor from over spinning. When you release the trigger normally it takes a moment for the inertia of the motor to subside and the motor to come to a stop. This means added wear and tear on your motor, brushes, pinion gear, anti-reverse latch, and the rest of the gear assembly. Active Braking halts the motor almost instantly after you release the trigger. This reduces wear, and will make sure that after you fire a complete shot in semi, that you’ve uncompressed the spring as much as possible. Saving the life of the spring and gearbox. In full auto it will prevent overspin wearing down your components.
But I don’t have an upgraded gun. Why do I need this?
Because it will prolong the life of your AEG. You’ll have less wear and tear on your trigger switch (I’ve seen some fail without this system), and your gearbox will thank you. In addition you’ll get better trigger response. Have you ever seen a target and fired a shot at it, but they had just a slightly faster trigger response and hit you first? Put an end to that. The trigger response is shortened as well as an increase in the ROF (rate of fire).
This sounds too good to be true.
It does, but it’s not. Here’s the numbers for you. With one of these systems, an stock TM Mp5SD was shooting about 15-16 rps on an 8.4v battery. After this was installed it was clocked shooting 19.6 RPS!!!! That’s a big jump! It even outperformed a high quality 9.6v battery without the Mosfet w/ Active Braking! So you can run lower voltages with higher performance!

Why buy from you?
Include Active Braking.
Super small footprint means they can fit in almost any AEG.
Thermal adhesive means better conductivity and better heat dissipation making them more durable
I’ve been a member of ArniesAirsoft.Co.UK for over 2 years, and am well known.

So how do I get one of these and how much are they?
We have made the ordering process easier than before with the opening of the Infected Armory online store! Head on over to to see prices and place your order. And yes we do ship internationally!

How do I install these?
Each one comes with an install guide. If you know how to open and close your gearbox, then these will be cake for you. You just need a screwdriver and an inexpensive soldering iron.  You can find a how to by clicking here.

What is the Warranty on these?
Each Infected Airsoft MOSFET sold in the USA includes a 15 day limited warranty that begins on the date you receive your MOSFET. This warranty is limited to defects in materials or workmanship of the MOSFET itself, and only covers the repair/replacement of the MOSFET itself and does not cover or warrant any other part. Validity of the warranty is at the discretion of Infected Airsoft. Any attempt to disassemble or improper installation of the MOSFET will void the warranty unless directed to by an Infected Airsoft technician. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to warrant any MOSFET purchases from outside the USA, but we are available to help troubleshoot any problems that might arise.

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7 11 2009

i have recently bought an AB mosfet from these guys and IT IS AMAZING!!!! the trigger response is almost instant and the schmatic they include with it is cut and dry showing the wiring you had in your gun before and what it should look after and it was a very clean and professionally made circuit that has left other players on the feild in wanting this is a must FOR ANY AEG owner buy from these guys they have helped me out through every step of the way and i have alreay bought a second mosfet that is also performing beyond any of my expectations GREAT BUY BU NOW!!!!

22 07 2012

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25 10 2012

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