5.11 Tactical Training Belt


I have been going back and forth on what to do for a belt system for quite sometime. I’ve thought about using a suspender setup with a padded belt, using just a regular web belt, but then I came across the 5.11 Tactical Training Belt. I considered it, but thought it to be less “tactical” than I wanted. Then I received a little card in the mail from my local government. It was my firearms permit. Now I needed a belt that could bear the weight of a firearm on a daily basis, that could be worn without looking too conspicuous. Again, the 5.11 Tactical Training belt came to mind. This time I decided to give it a go.


The 5.11 Tactical Training Belt is constructed of nylon, hook and loop material, and forged stainless steel. The hook and loop material is on par with what you see on most high quality tactical gear. The loop side is approximately 1″ wide and 11″ long. The hook side is approximately 1″ wide and 3″ long on my Large size belt. Overall the belt is mainly comprised of nylon and increases in thickness from the end of the belt to the buckle. From the loop side of the fastener, to just a few inches from the buckle, the nylon material is doubled. The last 4″ approaching the buckle is actually layered 4 times. The stitching appears tight with no fraying or loose ends, and is more than adequate at the buckle. The buckle itself is forged from a single piece of stainless steel, then coated in a black finish. The buckle has a retention system that grips the belt tighter as the pressure on the belt increases to help ensure the belt stays put. The corners are rounded off and the buckle features a d-ring as well.



I stated before that my reason behind buying this belt is due to my personal requirement now that I have a firearms permit. I needed a belt that could easily support the weight of a firearm on my side for several hours a day 7 days a week. In addition, I needed something that could handle the rough treatment that airsoft skirmishes can put it through.

Using it as a daily carry belt, I found that it supports my firearm with no problems what so ever. There is little to no lean created by the weight of the firearm, and the belt does not sag at the holster. I did find that the belt sizes run a bit small. The belt I have matches my pant size, but seems about a size too small. Due to this, the buckle can dig in a bit at the top corner when sitting. I would suggest trying the belt on before you buy if you can. The hook and loop fastener holds well and does not pose any problem. I appreciate the rounded edge at the end of the belt, as that helps thread it through belt loops.

Using it in an airsoft environment seems to be equally as nice. It supports the weight of my drop leg holster with no problems, and again, it does not sag. Whether running, rolling about in the dirt, or sliding down hillsides, the belt holds its own and then some.


I found that this belt is a great choice for airsoft, and equally as nice for a daily carry belt for those with a firearms license. I applaud the quality of the construction, and the overall design. Simplicity is sometimes the best solution. I would like to see the sizing reviewed, as I wish I had one size larger. The only other drawback is the sharp corners that can dig in when sitting for extended time periods. Overall, I highly recommend this belt, but do suggest that you try it on before you buy it to decide if it’s right for you, and what size is best for you.


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