AirSplat .20g Bio BB


AirSplat was kind enough to send me out some of their .20 gram biodegradable bbs.  Up to this point, I have mainly stuck with KSC bbs and found them to be impeccable in quality, so AirSplat had a lot to compete with.

AirSplat’s Bio bbs are guaranteed to be 5.97mm plus or minus 0.01mm, a fact that they put in large bold type on the front of the package.  Each package contains 3500 bbs in a zip lock style bag that is also heat sealed at the top.  AirSplat also claims that their bbs will degrade in mere months instead of years and is non-toxic to wildlife.  I wish I had a controlled method for testing this, and if anyone out there has any idea’s I’d love to hear them.

Looking at the bbs themselves, they look … well like bbs.  I have not found any deformed or damaged bbs so far in this package, and each one appears to be well formed.  The finish appears smooth and slick.

Now let us compare them with bbs that I consider the defacto standard to which all bbs should be held… the KSC brand.  Side by side you notice immediately that the KSC brand is whiter.  What does that tell you?  Not much, but the second thing I noticed is that the KSC’s appear to be polished to a higher level than the AirSplat bbs.  What does that mean to you?  The smoother the bb, the less friction created in the barrel or in the air, thus greater range and less deviation from its intended flight path.  Would I say the AirSplat bbs are poor quality?  Not at all.  The fact that they are not quite as shiny or polished as the KSC’s does not mean they do not perform well.

I recently attended a CQB skirmish at a local indoor field.  Armed with my MP7A1 and several mags of AirSplat bbs, I was ready for it.  Throughout the skirmish I never had a failure to feed or a jam from these bbs.  Each bb went where I intended it to go, and as far as I’m concerned, they performed flawlessly.

Being that these are several dollars less than Marui, Excel, or KSC bbs for the same quantity, they pose a good value.  I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a more economical solution to their airsoft ammo needs.



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