Georgetown (Team Airsoft) Airsoft Field — Dawsonville, GA

I recently had the pleasure of making the trip up to Dawsonville, GA to play a night game at Team Airsoft’s Georgetown Field. We arrived at a touch after 5pm and many people had already started to congregate for the yard sale. Several of the members were selling various types of gear and guns on several tables that were set up, and from the back of their cars. It seemed as if everyone knew just about everyone there. I felt a bit like the odd man out being that I didn’t know anyone. It wasn’t long before I spotted a couple of guys from Airsoft Atlanta there, and met some of the other guys who play there regularly. “Dax” gave me a run down a few guys there and a what to expect when the games began. Everyone came off friendly and there weren’t any “elitist” types there. Alan, the guy who runs the events there started signing people in finding out who needed rental equipment, who wanted dinner, and who was there for the first time. Rental packages are $40 and cover the cost of renting a MP5 + bag of ammo + admission + face protection + death rag. Dinner was served around 6:30 and people began to settle in. A look around and a cursory count showed there to be a bit over 100 people there, although some where just there for the sale, and would leave shortly after dinner.

7:15 rolled around and Alan gathered everyone together and went through the safety briefing with everyone, calling the newbies up front so he could make sure he had their attention. After going through the rules, he asked if anyone was shooting over 400 fps so that he could ensure that their gun fired semi-auto only and could be chrono’d. Smoke grenades were allowed (pyro or otherwise), but he did say that you had to check week to week as to whether or not they would be allowed at each game. After the fires in south Georgia, he didn’t want to risk it if the whether had been dry. Soon we were all in gear, and ready to go. Alan divided us up into roughly two equal teams, making sure that people that were part of private teams could stick together for each game.

Before I get into the games that we played I’d like to talk about the field itself. Located in Dawsonville, GA near the foothills of the Appalachian mountain range, the site is very hilly and has everything from thick cover to mostly open space. The site is located on several hundred acres of land making it easy to play large scale games, but also hosts several props making it easy to play quick decisive games as well. Several old rusted out vehicles and worn out buildings make for quick cover as do the changes in elevation trees, ditches, ravines, and tall grasses. They also boast a small CQB area for close action with plenty of cover. Due to the nature of the games we played the other night, I did not have a chance to see this section in person, but there are quite a few pictures on their website at TeamAirsoft.Com. A small pond with a land bridge creates open ground that makes for excitement in several scenarios as you must rush to your objectives with guns blazing in the open. I didn’t happen to see if they had any type of restroom being that I was sweating out more liquid than I could fill my bladder with under the 90 degree weather (even though I emptied my 3L hydration pack). If anyone knows whether they have one or not, let me know and I’ll update this. It would be nice to see better signage showing the entrance to the field. If I didn’t notice all the cars down there, and have a good idea of where I was headed, I might have missed it. Word of warning for those of you with sports cars… the gravel drive is a scary trip for your front bumper. My car is lowered a good 2″ and it was nearly bottoming at several places while coming in. They could use to fill in some small gullies with some dirt, or put down some gravel or something (although most cars shouldn’t have much of a problem).

Okay, onto the games we played. First game started about 7:45pm and is called “RV”. The objective of the game is to capture and control a command point that is a rusted out hunk of an RV (recreational vehicle). Both teams start with approximately the same number of players and an equal distance from the RV. My team quickly captured the RV as we just got there faster. Once we had the RV it was easy to keep it under our control. Since there was no need to advance we just hunkered down and shot at anyone with in range. We started taking heavy fire on our left flank as the op-force quickly ran through the woods trying to come around us. I was quick with my radio and had two very experienced players run up there and take control of that area (of which they did a very good job). Unfortunately we did such an effective job at gaining control that some of the guys just sat around and started up a knitting club or something and didn’t get involved. For the most part it was an exciting game. I wasn’t terribly effective as I only scored maybe 3-4 kills, and was being out ranged by the other team pretty bad. I quickly learned that there were several types of players here. The first type loves to get involved and isn’t afraid to take a bb for the team. The second was the “I’m ignoring the rest of the team and playing on my own”. Then there was the I’m letting everyone else do the work types and going to sit down shoot the breeze and have a cup of joe (all be it that there were few of these).

The second game we played is called “Attack and Defend”. We were to hike up a hill and take possession of a small building. Soon after the op-force was going to try to attack us and it was up to us to defend the building for 1 hour. By now dark had come the sun was nowhere to be found and everyone was hot and a bit tired from climbing the hill. Everyone was soaked in sweat through to the bone. I can’t say I can even recall a person who could clearly see out of their goggles given the intense amounts of fogging. We split into 3 squads and picked 3 medics (one per group). One group was to defend the building as a last resort, the other two were going to move forward to engage the op-forces before they arrived attempting to neutralize them quickly. I stayed with the last line of defense at the building. Unfortunately there was a severe lack of communication and assertiveness among this group. I tried to get everyone to form a perimeter, but eventually everyone would congregate around to one side of the building. No one would take the tower next to the building to get a better line of sight on the enemy and send info back down to the guys on the ground. Soon we were hearing fire from deep in the woods, then the op-forces started coming up slightly to our left as well. The first group engaged the op-forces to our left and the second took on the forces to our right. We could hear a lot of fire, but couldn’t see anything. Next thing we knew the fight was at our front door. We started shooting back and myself and 3 others took to the inside of the building. Me being the only one with a bright tactical light tried to get the rest of the guys to take position over my shoulders so I could light up the enemy and they could take them down. The guys in the building with me lacked the aggressive nature to put themselves in harms way and we started taking a hail storm of bbs. I tried again, but no one would move next thing I knew they slapped the side of the building initiating a grenade that killed everyone in it. In the next few minutes, waiting for our medic, the bomber arrived and hit the building which is the end game scenario for the op-force. We lost badly and quickly.

The third game was the best by far, and the most mil-sim of them all. The scenario went as follows. There is a package that has been lost. Both sides are looking to recover it. The package is a small black briefcase which has been lit up with some glow sticks. It is somewhere hidden in the woods (remember there’s over 100 acres). The mission for both sides is to retrieve the briefcase and return it to the LZ / Extraction zone and maintain control of the briefcase till the pickup which is 1 hour after the beginning of the scenario. My team broke up into 5 squads and spread out. Squads one and two went searching for the briefcase, three took up a fortified position about 1000 yards up the road from the LZ. My squad took up a position on either side of the road on the land bridge at 150-200 feet from the LZ as a last line of defense to prevent the op-force from winning. All was quiet for a good while. Every now and then we’d hear some sporadic fighting in the woods past the pond. Then out of nowhere we heard fighting to our rear. The squad that was along the road took some hits and needed a medic. I was providing point for my squad and cover for the medic. I left my squad with the medic and began running back and forth between my squad and the 3rd squad to cover the medic as he healed people. This was a trip that would be made many times throughout the game. Our squad came under fire as the op-force had managed to sneak down into the tall grass about 400 feet on the other side of the LZ. I couldn’t see anything but the moon had lit me up like a flash bulb on a concept car at the Detroit autoshow. I was hit but luckily the medic was next to me. I laid on my side just before getting hit and a support gunner took aim over my body and took down the op-force while the medic healed me. This would be a reoccurring event as my team fought to maintain the position. I must have been hit about 6 times during that game as we just didn’t have much cover we could use without giving them room to maneuver. I went through about 400 rounds of ammo in the last 45 minutes of that game. With just seconds to spare my team had come running down the land bridge with the package and took position at the LZ for the win.

Overall I’d have to say that my experience at Georgetown was awesome. The field was great (if not just an example of my lack of cardiovascular conditioning), and the people there were what made it a great event. The people participating followed the rules, enjoyed themselves, and never forgot that it’s really just a bunch of guys who want to play G.I. Joe. Alan did a great job making sure that everyone knew the rules, followed the rules, and kept the games fair and fun. If it weren’t for the fact that my car is in the shop, I’d be looking at going up there again this weekend for a day game, but alas I’m out of ammo and without a car. If you’re ever in Northeast Georgia and have a spare Saturday, bring your guns, gear, $15 and head up to Dawsonville for an afternoon of fun at Georgetown.


Team Airsoft – Georgetown (Dawsonville, GA)



3 responses

2 08 2007

That game was alot of fun
but that last game no one wanted to cross that dam bridge on my side

2 08 2007

Which game are you talking about, the one with the briefcase with the glow sticks on it? Were you on the winning team?

11 10 2007

Georgetown does NOT have a bathroom…gotta use the creek/woods…LOL And I had a Focus that was lowered 2″ all the way around too. Sounded hairy listning to my bodykit sliding on the ground….got a truck now so its ok. =D

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