KJW M9 Elite

M9 Packaging

The KJW M9 Elite is based off the Beretta M9 / M92. This pistol has become the mainstay of the US Armed Forces over the past 15 years, and officially entered service into the Army in 1990. The real steel M9 is chambered for 9mm ammunition, and consists of mainly metal parts (minus the grip plates).


M9 Posing Slide BackThe KJW M9 Elite holds true in size, styling, and features to the M92. The construction is all metal throughout, minus of course, the grip plates which are plastic. The gun features a psudo-serial number under the slide, above the tactical rail. The grips feature a logo, although it’s not a trademark of Beretta, it is in fact “KJ” written in the same font style. The safety lever features a red indicator under it to signify when the gun safety is off. This model features a silver color outer barrel, other KJW model feature a black outer barrel.

The magazine is also full metal and painted black.


M9 SightsOne thing that stood out right away to me, was the fact that the sights are just solid black with no dots to help pick them up against a dark background. Some shooters mightM9 Slide like this, but I personally prefer some contrast. The hammer can be kept in a uncocked, half cocked, or fully cocked state. The gun features a fully adjustable hop up system, although it is only accessible via removing the slide from the gun. This model also has a tactical rail for the mounting of light systems or a laser. It is actually quite well designed, as it features a perpendicular notch to so that it can fit a larger variety of accessories. The mag is a double stack mag and features a metal drop plate. One short coming of the mag design (in my opinion) is that the spring guide cannot be locked down while loading it, so loading can be troubling at times.


This gun actually does not belong to me, but rather my brother-in-law, but I have had the opportunity to use it on several occasions, as well as watch him using it and get feedback from him on the quality of use of this gun. If I had to sum up this gun’s functionality in one word it would be “consistent”. Once the hop up is adjusted, it is very consistent with the trajectory of the bb. In comparison to my KWA USP .45, it has shown to be more consistent, and quite powerful. The recoil and blow back action are strong, although not as crisp as you’d expect from a Glock. This may be due to a heavy slide not coupled with a strong enough recoil spring. I haven’t had the chance to properly chronograph the speed of its projectiles, but Airsoft Atlanta quotes it at 320 fps. Very respectable. The magazine feeds flawlessly, and the cycle rate is decent. I personally would like a faster cycling gun, but for most people, it is certainly just fine.

I really only have 3 gripes about this gun.

  • To adjust the Hop-Up you have to remove the slide and use an Allen key / hex tool to adjust it.
  • The magazine, while able to fire off at least one mag, exhibits a huge amount of cool down when shooting quickly. Much more so than the KWA USP .45 or Glock series (just given for perspective)
  • No dots on the sights


This gun shoots very consistently, and has shown to be quite durable. The hop up system is spot on when adjusted, and it functions flawlessly. Some people complain that the quality of the slide is poor, made from cheap metal. Almost since the beginning of the ownership of this gun, propane has been used exclusively, and no cracks or chips have become apparent in the slide. The slide has taken some damage (in the form of scratches) from being dropped on concrete, but with no other ill effects. For the money, $109.99, it’s a great buy. High fps, reliability, durability, all make it a great purchase. I would suggest that you hold one before buying it, as I did find that with smaller hands (such as mine) the safety is a real bear to operate. Also, if you are used to having dots on your sights, I would suggest investing in some hi-viz paint.


Airsoft Atlanta



2 responses

26 05 2007

This is a good gun, I would recommend it to anyone that has hands large enough to comfortably hold a 1911.

2 10 2010

Actually, I have the 2010 KJW M9 PTP Tactical Military version which is basically this gun with a black barrel and tactical grips. It actually does have high vis white dots on the sights.

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