KSC Perfect .20g Airsoft BBs


This might seem trivial to some, but I felt that I really should take a look at bbs. From what I’ve seen of the opinons of different brands, it’s like a religion… if you belive in one you’re likely to never believe in another. I myself have used a few different brands of bbs, and have good and bad experiences. You can pick up bbs from flea markets, to department stores, to airsoft specialty stores; and the quality of available bbs varies depending on where you are purchasing them from. I’ve tried the Crossman .20g bbs that can be found at your local Wal-Mart and found that for the money, they’re not bad. Yes, there are a few defects in there, and there are some that I wouldn’t consider putting through a $3 springer bought at a flea market, but if you’re not using a tightbore barrel and are using an entry level AEG (such as UTG, Echo1, Well, etc.) then these are decent.

Now let’s take a look at the KSC’s.

I’ve been using KSC’s since I started messing with airsoft in 2005. My wife bought me a UTG 87LA Shotgun from Airsoft Atlanta, and they recomended a bag of KSC’s to go with it. Since then, I’ve bought them as often as it was convienient. When it comes down to cost, they are the best dollar per bb of any of the higher lines of bbs (KSC, Excel, Marui, etc.).

KSC= $0.00299 per bb

Excel=$0.00351 per bb

Marui=$0.00399 per bb

Now lets look at quality. By touch, it is evident that the KSC’s are much more highly polished than the Crossman bbs. The higher the level of polish, the smoother the trajectory of the bb and greater the accuracy. Each pit or divet in the bb is going to allow air to build up in it as it travels, causing changes in the trajectory that we do not want; so you want to have bbs that are as smooth as possible.

An important thing to consider is consistency of the bbs in relation to uniformity. You want each one to be made the same shape, size, and weight. I have run through over 20,000 KSC bbs and never once noticed one that was deformed. In comparison, I have found several Crossman bbs that were defective in shape. Now, I must say that the Crossman bbs that were defective (that I found) number less than 20 out of 10,000+ (although it only takes one to foul up a tight bore barrel).

All in all, I have found the KSC brand bbs to be the best bang for the buck. At the lowest cost per bb, and showing quality control as high as Excel and Marui; in addition to biodegradable qualities, these bbs are hard to beat. I will say that the Crossman bbs (for the money) put up a decent show and for my shotgun I’d not hesitate to use them as a cost cutting measure, but in a higher quality gun (like my Classic Army M15A4 RIS and KWA USP .45 — both with tight bore barrels), nothing short of KSC brand bbs will go through them.

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