Leapers (Swat Force) Red / Green Dot Sight

Side Open

green dotred dotThe Leapers red dot sight is intended for quick target acquisition, accurate shot placement, and optimal peripheral vision. They attempt to archive this by creating an optical solution that allows the shooter to keep both eyes open, with a high contrast targeting reticle that can be zeroed to the gun. Today we are going to see how well this piece of equipment works.


The entire housing is made of metal. Unfortunately they do not have any information on their website as to the type of metal it is made from. It is coated in a flat black finish, with a shiny silver and black Leapers logo on the left side. The adjustment screw covers and the intensity adjustment knob are all metal as well, adding to the rugged feeling of this electronic dot sight. The intensity adjustment knob has the numbers engraved and painted to help make the markings clearer, even after being mucked about in the field. The etching helps keep the markings from becoming rubbed off over time. Both front and rear scope covers are plastic, spring loaded, and attach to the body of the sight with a thick rubber ring. Included in the packaging is 2 CR2032 batteries (only one is needed to operate the sight, the other is a spare), and a cloth for cleaning the lens.

side open


The flip up lens covers are a great feature. In addition to keeping dust off the lenses, they protect them well during transport. They quickly and easily flip up and out of the way when necessary, as the hinges contain small springs that are more than adequate to keep the covers out of the way while shooting.

two knobsWith the two adjustment screw covers removed, one can easily zero the scope with a flat edge screwdriver. You can adjust for both elevation and windage. A firm click is felt and heard as you turn the screws to center it, making it easier to zero. Thoughtfully they have printed instruction on the adjustment screws so that you do not forget which way moves the dot which direction.

The reticle can be either off or on with the turn of the large knob on top of the sight. When turned on, you can select from one of five intensity settings for both red and green. This allows the user to maximize contrast of the dot against the targets / background while conserving battery life.

Integrated into the sight is a mounting platform that accommodates standard Weaver style RIS systems. While this is cost effective, it leaves the purchaser with little other option for mounting. So keep in mind this might not co-witness the iron sights on your weapon.


I’ve had this sight for over a year, and I have yet to have a problem with it. It’s been shot in both the body, and the lens itself, with nary a scratch. I’ve dropped it, and knocked it into the ground and trees, with out even having to re-zero the sight. Turning the sight on and adjusting the intensity is easy, and target acquisition is quick and easy (as it should be). Once mounted to the RIS rails, the screws hold firmly in place, so there is no concern of it falling off or becoming un-zeroed. Once zeroed, it’s accurate, and being that the lens does not magnify, you can keep both eyes open allowing you to watch your peripheral vision while keeping your weapon on target.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive illuminated dot sight, but you want it to be rugged and take a beating, then this is an excellent choice. While it won’t win a beauty contest, it does the job and does it well.

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