MAG 190 Round M16/M4 MidCap Magazines

Good magazines are hard to come by these days when you’re running high ROF setups. By high rof I mean 30+ rounds per second. At that point older worn out beat down mags or even some cheaper high caps just can’t keep up well. Such had become the case of worn out midcaps. They had been loved on and cared for about as much as a rampaging pit bull would be on the evening news. It was time to get some new mags. With so many choices out there I had to figure out what suited me best. Capacity is important as I only run 4 mag pouches, and can’t stand high caps. Then along came MAG with their 190 round M4 midcaps… it must have been meant to be. After dealing with magazine failures 3 games running I decided to bite the bb and just order them. After ordering from EHobbyAsia and forking out the dough for expedited shipping I found the mags at my door on the other side of the world in 3 days… but was it worth it?

First Impressions

MAG 190 Round MagazineFirst of all they seem heavy. I mean I expected them to be steel (as according to their description), but they seem so much heavier than the S. Arms midcaps that are closest in construction, size and capacity. I am a bit worried though as initially filing them with bbs and dumping them in a bag (to see how fast they exit), I noticed a few bbs seemed to have brown marks like rust on them. I also noticed a bit of brown on the exterior of one of the mags. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come.

Materials and Construction

Internal Spring systemThe exterior of the magazines seem solid. The paint on them seems to have a rough texture, almost like it needed to be oiled down and wiped off, but the paint seems like it’s not going anywhere. The spot welds that hold the mag together are well done, if not over done. The follower is well designed and appears to be designed to prevent snagging as it snakes about in the mag. The bb retention tab appears large enough to retain the bbs without getting in the way of them feeding. The mag retention notch is well cut and consistent in placement from magazine to magazine as measured with calipers.

MAG 190 Round InternalsLooking inside the mag we find that it is well constructed. Screws go down the entire rear of the mag to add extra strength, as well as several spread throughout the side. Removing the spring brought me a nice surprise. Well two actually. The first was that it was already lubed up with some silicone oil. The second is that they use 2 springs instead of one to increase the spring tension. Things are looking promising so far for this mag.

Inside the magazine features a removable spring for maintenance. This is great to allow you clean out dust and debris that will over time build up in the mag if you like to drop your mags to the deck like I do during mag changes.

It’s a magazine okay, there aren’t that many features, but it does hold 190 rounds. I did find that you could force up to 194 in there if you wanted to.

This really will take time to figure out, but if I had to guess, this is going to be a very durable mag. With a steel exterior and the reinforcement along the back edge of the interior of the bb container it looks like it’s built to last. Add in ability to easily maintain it and you’re good to go for quite some time.

This is what it all comes down to. Testing will be done with a Dboys SCAR-L Upgraded to ~370 FPS @ 32 RPS by Infected Armory. This gun is running off an 11.1v, 1800 mah 10C lipo.

First we loaded the magazine. I found that it’s a tight squeeze and requires some work to get this mag loaded to capacity. The first time I tried to load it I only filled it to 135 rounds. I dumped it and tried again and found that you really have to try to get all 190 rounds in there. I accidentally filled it to 194!

The mag showed excellent retention of the bbs when drop testing and banging them about.

Loading it into the SCAR-L the mag fit easily and securely. Each mag was tried, and each one fit just as well. With a mag loaded and the gun ready to go, we fired off shot after shot in semi auto. The gun fed well, and the bbs were chambered one at a time. I was concerned that with such a stiff spring they might double feed, but that was not the case. Flipping to full auto yielded a nice white stream of 32 bbs per second without a single miss feed. We managed to dump the whole mag without a single snag.

Searching for a quality mag that can keep up with high ROF setups seems to have come to an end. MAG has had a great reputation as a plastic mid cap manufacturer, and the quality seems to have continued as they move into the metal M4/M16 midcaps with higher than usual capacity. MAG has definitely created a winner with this one!

The Numbers
Construction: 8/10 Would have rated this 10/10 if it weren’t for the possible rust spots.
Features: 10/10 It’s a midcap… how many features were you expecting? I think 2 is 1 more than average.
Durability: 10/10 For now I’ll rate this a 10/10. After I’ve had a chance to beat it around a bit this could change, but as for now its solid in my book.
Performance: 10/10 This mag feeds so easily at 32 RPS, I’m expecting that it could keep up with just about any setup out there.
Value: EhobbyAsia sells these for $52.99 at the time of this writing. That comes down to $10.60 per mag. That’s a great deal for these mags. Of course that doesn’t take shipping into account. Most places are selling this set of 5 for $85 which is $17 per mag. Still not a bad deal, but look around and you can get a great deal.
Price: $52.99 at the time of this article being published.


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