MAG M16 Mid-Cap Magazines


I came across a great deal from BlackHawk927 on Arnies Airsoft Forums and couldn’t resist. He had only used them once in a skirmish, and according to him they were in near mint condition. Being in need of something other than the maracca of a high cap mag that my Classic Army M15A4 RIS came with, I bought them.

Appearance and Construction

Mags in BoxThese mags are built to resemble the real steel 30 round M16 magazines. Now being that these are aimed at more budget minded consumers, they are priced accordingly (about $50 retail for a box of 8), and are constructed of plastic. If you’re a geardo, then these probably are not the mags for you (having not been made full metal). The mags appear to be manufactured from a gray plastic, giving it the same color throughout making scratches less notable. To my surprise they still have a little heft to them. Granted it’s not as much as the metal mag that came with my gun, it still feels sturdy. Attempting to flex or twist the mag results in ZERO creeking or flexing, and the construction seems to be solid as a rock.


I’ve played several backyard and skirmishes with these and I have to say they’ve held up very well. The one fear I had about these is that they would not drop free when I pressed the mag release since they were not as heavy as the metal mags. That fear was quickly wiped away as I pressed the mag release to find that they dropped free and clear quite easily when loaded or empty. The smooth finish and spot on dimensions make for a easy mag change every time. Each mag holds 100 bbs, and feeds flawlessly. I have never had a double feed, or a jam in the mag yet. As to be expected with most AEG mags, the last few rounds do not feed. My only complaint is that if you have two mags side by side, and nothing in between them, slapping them together hard might cause one mag to release a jet of bb’s. I would highly recommend individual mag holders or ones with dividers in them if you are going to be using these mags.


If you’re not looking for steel mags, but you need them in numbers, reliable, and at a good price, then these are the mags for you. They feed great, and can take a beating.



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