Maxpedition ROLLYPOLY™ (MM Folding Dump Pouch)

Maxpedition RollyPoly Front

This is a nice bit of kit that I picked up in the past month or two. I bought it to use as a dump pouch, but being that I have yet to get a chest harness, I’m also using it to hold spare mags… not the best use of it, but it is seeing a good bit of work.


Unfortunately I did not see anything on Maxpedition’s website pertaining to the materials used in the production of this kit. If I had to guess it’s 600D nylon or greater. The Velcro used on the pouches appears to be high quality stuff and affixes with little effort, and stays secure. The webbing on the back of the belt loop appears to be double stitched which provides a bit of extra support when it’s full. No worrying about the stitching giving way and you spilling the contents of your pouch, or worse just losing it all together. The elastic used around the opening to the pouch is multi-strand elastic, with adds to the durability and elasticity of the cord. My only complaint is the lack of a aglet to keep the nylon around the elastic secure. This can easily be remedied using a small bit of heat shrink tubing, or some 100mph tape. The spring loaded keepers at the end of the elastic cord contain stiff springs to ensure that the opening to the pouch stays tensioned to the size you make it, and does not slip.


Maxpedition RollyPoly rolled upThe most prominent feature of this pouch is that it can be rolled up to take up minimal space (3in x 3in x 1.75in), yet when fully opened can contain (7) 30 round M4 magazines either vertically or horizontally. This makes it optimal for use as either a dump pouch, evidence pouch, keep all, even a mag pouch. The bottom of the pouch has a grommet for draining any water that might happen to make it’s way into your pouch. Inside the pouch you’ll find an additional Velcro strip for adhering the lid to the inside of the pouch. This makes access to the pouch easy, while the elastic cord helps retain the contents.


Maxpedition RollyPoly BackI’ve had a chance to use this quite a bit, and so far no real complaints. Unfortunately, being that I still do not have my chest rig, I’m just using it on my belt but I find that takes nothing away from this pouch. After some use I did see a few strands from the stitching hanging loose, but it does not appear to be the stitching unraveling, more like extra thread that was not cut away properly. In any case, everything still seems rock solid. The pouch is tiny mounted to my belt rolled up and completely unobtrusive while moving. The pouch is easy to deploy with a simple pull of the lid (which features a pull tab that makes it easy to find with gloved hands). The Velcro is strong, so it does require a bit of force to open it, but I’d take that over having the pouch deploy on its own any day. Once deployed, I prefer having the lid tucked in and the elastic cords pulled just a touch. This makes it easy to shove mags into it, and makes it hard for them to fall back out while running or hitting the dirt when you’ve got incoming fire. The pouch easily held all 7 of my spare M4 mags, and can make an excellent ammo carrier for those of you planning on playing multi-day airsoft skirmishes. Just get two of these to attach to the back of your gear or in your pack, and you can neatly carry plenty of extra mags.

Maxpedition RollyPoly laying downMaxpedition RollyPoly lid openMaxpedition RollyPoly lid in


This pouch is a great deal. I picked mine up at Airsoft Atlanta for about $24, and it was well worth it. The construction is top notch, and the features are plentiful for such a simple piece of kit. The lifetime warranty by Maxpedition is just the icing on the cake.

Airsoft Atlanta

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