NexTORCH T6A Tactical Light

Today we are reviewing the NexTORCH T6A Tactical Light. When Airsoft Atlanta first carried this light, it was recomended as a good (affordable) alternative to Surefire tactical lights. So let’s look at the stats:

Model: T6A
Price: $19.99
Weight: 120g (4.23 oz)
Size:131mm x 27mm (5.16 x 1.06in)
Brightness: 80 Lumens
Runtime: 90 minutes
Construction: Aluminum


Nextorch Box ExteriorNextorch Box InteriorThe light comes packaged in a clean looking black box with the NexTORCH logo in silver foil. The inside of the box features a grey foam that complements the outside of the box and firmly holds the light in place in addition to the two NexTORCH batteries that it comes with. Note: In the pictures I have here, you’ll see two Panasonic batteries as I’ve been using this light for several months and have already used up the stock batteries. Also included is a manual that has its fair share (and then some) “engrish” language instructions. Of course… who really needs a manual to figure our a flashlight?


The body of the light is made of hard anodized aerospace grade aluminum 6061-T6, and painted black. The unit houses 2 CR123A batteries which provide the 6 volts of power to the bulb. All joints of the flashlight have o-rings to make the unit water resistant, although to what depth / pressure is not mentioned in the manual. The tailcap button appears to be made out a durable rubber and textured for grip. The entire body (minus where the logo is etched) is checkered to provide additional grip, and the tailcap and the lamp assembly are shaped to prevent the light from rolling if dropped or placed on an non-level surface.


Nextorch LensNextorch TailcapThe T6A light features an industry standard bulb so you will not have a hard time finding a replacement. The light features a three way tail cap (on, momentary, lock-out). When turned all the way clockwise, the light turns on. Turn it back just enough for the light to turn off, and the switch functions as a momentary switch (turning the light on only when pressed and off when released). Turn the tailcap further (counterclockwise) and the switch will no longer function and be in “lock-out” mode preventing accidental activation of the light.


I’ve had this light for several months now and have used it quite a bit for both fun and gaming. It’s been dropped, used in the rain, and been mounted to the front of my Classic Army M15A4 RIS. Never once have I had a problem. I am on my second set of batteries and found that the battery life is quite good. The light beam pattern is fairly well focused, although some users of Surefire lights say that the Surefire lamps produce a more defined circular pattern. As I do not have a Surefire or access to one, I cannot attest to or deny this. Since this light is compatible with Surefire bulbs, one could replace the stock bulb with a Surefire one, although I wouldn’t think it cost effective until the stock bulb dies.


I would say that this is an excellent tactical light for Airsoft players and anyone needing a decent taclight in a nonlethal environment. The construction is good quality and the price is excellent. The fact that the bulb is interchangeable with Surefire bulbs makes it even that much more of a good deal.

Airsoft Atlanta


One response

7 09 2011

One thing everyone seems to forget is that these Nextorch lights are usually based on “borrowed” Western designs.

Is it not a coincidence that the parts are interchangeable with Surefire and Z lights in many cases?

Does saving a few bucks matter more than tacit support of vendors who actively hack British and American information systems?

Does saving a few bucks matter more than tacit support of a communist system that kills its own citizens?

No Nextorch for this yank friends.

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