Dave at Nitesiters was kind enough to send me a sample of their product my way to try out.  Nitesiters is the seller of a super photoluminescent hand gun sight system. They claim that their photoluminescent laminate dots are up to 5 times as bright as tritium which not only make them effective, but a bargain at less than $10!  In fact, they are convinced that you’ll be thrilled with them, that they offer a money back guarantee if you’re not.  Without delay let’s take a closer look at them.

First Impressions

I was amazed by the very small package in which these arrived in.  I don’t know what I should have expected as these are just laminate dots that adhere to my sights, and as such don’t need much in the way of packaging.  Everything was neatly placed in a small plastic bag with the installation tools, product, and instructions neatly found inside. 

The packaging is well labeled and professionally crafted.  The instructions are clear and easy to follow and I was pleased to see that all the needed bits to install them were included.


Installation was simple.  For this test, I’ll be installing these on my USP .45.  First I removed the mag, check the chamber, checked it again, and then decocked the gun.  The stock plastic inserts for the sights are almost 2mm, which is the same diameter as the Nitesiters laminate dots.  I used the included alcohol wipe to thoroughly swab the area I was to apply the dots to.  After making sure to scrub well with the alcohol wipe, I went back and further cleaned it with the included cotton swab.  After a few minutes I was certain that it had air dried and it was onto the next step.

Under the cover of the package is a sharp razor blade.  Using this I was able to pry up one of the dots carefully from the backing.  Keeping the gun between my knees (a vice would be better), I lined up where I wanted the dot to lay on the front sight.  I used my nail to hold the dot in place as I pulled the blade out from under the dot.  Then using the enclosed toothpick, I pushed the dot firmly into the sight and pressed it in completely.  I repeated this process with the rear sights. 

Overall the installation seems to be fairly easy. 


I was hoping to have a chance to test this in a realistic environment (at a night skirmish), but was unable to due to heavy rains.  Frankly I didn’t want to be soaked for the sake of Airsoft over 8 hours in the dark.  So, to the lab! (sounds all superhero like doesn’t it?)

My original test methods were flawed (hence the delay in the review), but I changed my methods and found the results to be unexpected. 

Testing was done using a 50 watt desk lamp for charging the Nitesiters.  The slide of my USP .45 sat under it for several minutes as I worked in the evening.  After about 30 minutes of this light source, I placed the slide in my bedroom with the lights out (approximately 9pm).  At 10:30 pm I went into the bedroom to check on the sights.  I waited a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the darkness.  On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the brightest illumination possible), I’d give them a 8 for illumination at this point.  Keep in mind that my eyes had been acclimating to the darkness for about 10 minutes.  At 7:00am I woke up and took a look at the sights again.  Keep in mind, that since I was asleep, my eyes had become at fully acclimated to the dark as possible.  The sights were still glowing.  I’d give them a 3 or so on my 1-10 scale.  While that’s not very bright, it’s pretty impressive given they were charged 10 hours prior.

In a situation where your eyes are acclimated to the dark, I’d say these sights would be viable for several hours before needing to be recharged.  The only problem is if your moving into a dark area from a light area.  If the sights are freshly charged (as being in the light would do), they will be clearly visible but your target would be harder to see (given the darkness and your eyes still adjusting).  In which case a weapon mounted light or hand held tactical light would be preferable.  In a low light environment where you have a second to charge your sights, or they are already charged, then they would be perfect given their bright illumination and having enough light to visualize your target. 


As you can see the light output intensity of these is quite bright and will definitely make your sights visible in situations where it’d be too dark to even shoot safely.  In low light conditions these would be excellent as they provide plenty of light with which to see your sights and place them on your target.  In a no light situation, of course you’d need to have a weapon mounted or handheld light to safely identify the threat and shoot.  The Nitesiters still show up well even on a bright background making them effective.

The pale color of these dots still allows for quick and easy sight acquisition in daylight conditions.

They have met the claim many have made about them glowing for hours.  The catch is that your eyes need to be adjusted for the dark to really tell if you’re entering a dark environment from a lit environment.  As it is, you need to be able to see your target to hit it anyway.

If you’re planning on using these for Airsoft, you’ll find that a few minutes charge should last you for an entire skirmish no problem. I would suggest carrying a UV pen light to charge them, as it’s much faster than any other charge source. 

Overall, I see these as being an excellent addition to my gun for CQB purposes, and feel it will do me well for a long time. 

Once more I’d like to thank Dave at Nitesiters for the sample to review.  If you’re looking to pick up a set check out the link below.



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