Nitro Folding Foregrip

This is a gem of a product made by Nitro Vo. The vertical foregrip has become a mainstay of the M4 / M16 community. Originally designed to keep the shooter’s hands away from the heated barrel, it also has been found to allow for greater maneuverability in close quarters action. The Nitro Vo Folding Vertical Foregrip is a real functional piece of kit, as it allows for quick maneuvering of the weapon in tight quarters, and can be tucked away when not needed. First let me say the tape you see on the pictures is used to affix a tape switch, and is not on there due to any problem with the foregrip. Now let’s take a closer look.


Not too much to say about it. It’s made of a strong (most likely ABS) plastic with metal hinges. The design is straight forward with notches made in the vertical grip to enhance well… grip. The sides of the section that attach to the RIS are tapered to make the unit more sleek, and eliminate bulk.

foregrip folded


The main feature is the ability to fold up when not in use, but easily be deployed when needed. The unit also features two hex (or Allen) screws to secure it. The unit, unlike other foregrips, does NOT have the ability to house batteries nor does it have a section to affix a tape switch.

foregrip unfolded


I’ve had this unit for a few months, and while I haven’t done more than a backyard skirmish with it, I must say I’m quite pleased. I currently have it attached to my Classic Arm M15A4 RIS. As far as fitment went, it fit snugly and securely. It takes a try or two to get it placed appropriately for your size, but once it is attached, you’ll probably never or almost never take it off, and if you do you’ll know where it needs to go when you put it back on. I did find that trying to affix a tape switch was rather difficult given the type of tape switch I have for my tactical light, and the lack of a location meant for a tape switch on the foregrip. So I did what any airsoft “operator” would do and whipped out some 100mph black tape and “mounted” the tape along the flat portion of the left side that attaches to the RIS (see pictures). It works very well there allowing easy access with the grip folded or deployed. Deploying the stock is quite simple, as it requires little effort. A simple pull of the handle to the rear of the unit and it is unlatched and ready to fold down. Folding up is just a simple, tug down and slap it up in place. When deployed, the foregrip handle does have a bit of wobble, but it is minimal, and I would not consider it a problem. This could also be due to me having received this second hand. I found that when I was playing at close ranges that using the foregrip deployed was much easier, but when trying to take down a target while prone (almost like sniping), I preferred having the foregrip folded up.


For those of you who only play open field / woodland etc. I would suggest you consider your play style before purchasing this. Do you really need a vertical foregrip? If you do, do you really need a folding one? If not, there are much cheaper options out there (The Nitro is $70 @ WGCShop). For those of you who enjoy CQB or both CQB and Woodland, then this is perfect. The flexibility and control that this offers is excellent, and has definitely improved my airsoft experience.



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