The TRU Spec BDU trousers (pants) that I’m reviewing here today are part of a previous line that you can still find at quite a few surplus stores and some online retailers. These pants are designed based on the previous pant design used by the US Army, with the usual pocket assortment. I purchased these at a local Army Navy Surplus store (although they were new when I purchased them).

Appearance / Construction

These are made from 40/60 Cotton / Polyester and appear well constructed and rugged. The construction quality seems top notch. I’ve had these for about 6-8 months now and they’ve held up well from a strength standpoint. There isn’t a rip or tear in them (which is saying a lot considering the briers around here). The seams, buttons, and fasteners are all in great shape. For added durability and comfort they doubled up the material at the knees and the seat of the pants. The buttons are well stitched, and haven’t appeared to loosen or have the stitching unravel. The cargo pockets are what you’d expect to see, with large bellows and ample room for stashing items. The nylon ties at the bottom of the pants appear to be durable as they have yet to come out while washing or tear while tying.


Like I said, I’ve had these for months and they’ve physically held up really well. Running through briers, laying the mud and dirt, pushing through thick underbrush… no problem. These do a decent job at protecting against briers and thorns, but I will warn you that those sharp little daggers still get through from time to time. The size adjusting straps work well and do not slip even when running, jumping, hitting ground, rolling about, crawling, whatever you might do in these… they don’t budge unless you make them. The only draw back I’ve seen is their severe lack of color fastness. I’ve washed these several times over the past few months, and done so in cold if possible, warm if they were filthy. Now the pants have severely faded. The contrast between my blouse and trousers are very noticeable. You can somewhat tell in the photo below (I’m laying prone on the right).



Well, they’re pants… so there isn’t too much to say about them right? Well, if you’re looking for rugged quality, long wearing BDU Trousers…. these are great choice. If color fastness is a requirement, then I would suggest looking elsewhere.

TRU-SPEC’s website shows the newer BDU’s they make based off the ACU design cut, but in solid colors and both desert and woodland camouflage.


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