Under Armour Heat Gear Hood

Today I’m reviewing the Under Armour Heat Gear Hood as it pertains to use in Airsoft. I bought mine off of ebay several months ago, so I don’t remember how much I paid for it, but LA Police Gear sells them for $23.99. I bought this as I was looking for an alternative to having a full face shield (which is bulky and makes me sweat like a pig), that would work well with my Wiley X SG-1 goggles. My stipulations were that the product needed to be able to breath well (as it reached 100+ degrees Fahrenheit during the summer here at times), and provide at least a minimal amount of protection from incoming bb’s. Let’s take a closer look at it.


The unit I purchased was black, although it is available in other colors. It contains no reflective emblems, stickers, or stitching, making it great for wearing during night time Airsoft games. The back of the hood does have the Under Armour logo in a subdued black color, so as to not stand out.


The hood is made from cationic polyester and lycra. This allows it to be light weight, and very stretchy to fit most adult noggins. The materials and their construction, together help to make the hood breathable yet form fitting.


The hood can be worn in several manners:

Full head coverage

Lower face coverage


Neck Gator

Each of these can be purposeful, but as for me I’m mostly interested in using it for total face and head coverage. After running around for a bit wearing this hood with my Wiley X SG-1 goggles, I did notice that it has a tendency to push some of the moist hot air from your breath up to your goggles. Depending on the quality of your goggles, this might cause fogging issues, but good quality goggles with a bit of anti-fog applied (or just some hand soap), will make this problem negligible. The material works well to pull your sweat away from your face, and allows you to breath through it with ease. Now I have a bit of a large noggin, so sometimes I feel like it slips a bit down my nose, but with my goggles over the top that is not a problem. Over all the fit is great and it stays in place. It also allows you to easily push it down as a neck gator or pull the lower face covering down when you’re taking a break from playing (giving your face a chance to cool off more).

Now you’re probably wondering… I haven’t said much about the protection it gives you. Well here’s the honest truth. At 30-50 feet, a hit to the face at 300 fps stings a good bit. Now the material held up well (no marks, tears or permanent deformation of the fabric), but I wouldn’t want to make it a habit of of getting nailed too often in the face. Any closer than 25 feet… well you’ll have to test that yourself.. I’m not about to (at least on purpose). At great than 50 feet, I wouldn’t worry even without it (at 300 fps).



  • Pulls moisture away from face and head
  • Very breathable
  • Light weight
  • Some face protection


  • Little face protection inside of 30 feet at 300 fps
  • May induce fogging of low quality goggles (non-antifog goggles)



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