Vanaras 229mm Tightbore Inner Barrel

Package 2

Vanaras was kind enough to send me this new inner barrel for testing through the guys at RSOV. Seems like those guys are busy churning out goods left and right. First grenade shells, then POM grenade shells, and now here we are with new inner barrels!

First Impressions
Package 1First off I must say the packaging is ingenious. A triangle is one of the strongest geometric shapes. It will resist bending and twisting quite well, so to package an inner barrel in such a casing is a great idea. The pull string at one end was also a great idea for getting the cap off and the inner barrel out. The over all look to the inner barrel is, well in a word … “shiny”! The machining and quality of construction appears to be decent. Let’s look closer.

Materials and Construction
Honestly, I’m not sure what these are made of.  If anyone knows for certain, please inform me.  I’m inclined to believe they are brass that has been coated to give it that shiny appearance.

Looking at the hop up notch in the barrel I noticed that it could have been made smoother.  While none of the rough edges protruded into the barrel, it just looked a bit jagged.

Hop Up Notch

The crowning of the barrel looked very smooth even and polished, but I did notice that the inside of the barrel looked a bit less smooth under the macro lens of my camera.  To my naked eye I didn’t see any problems, and every thing inside looked smooth.  After reviewing and preparing the pictures for publication I noticed that there appeared to be horizontal lines going the length of the barrel.  This could just be a trick created by the highly polished metal, the camera, and the surroundings  as well as the fairly bright light over the barrel.  I was a bit concerned when looking at the end of the barrel though, as that appeared to show slightly jagged edges at the muzzle end of the barrel.  Again, I don’t recall being able to see this with my naked eye,  so it might be nothing.

Inside the barrelInside the barrel

Well, being an inner barrel this is a pretty short list.  It is 229mm long, so it is suitable for applications in MP5’s and some AK’s.  The bore diameter is 6.03mm.


For performance testing we needed to compare this barrel to a stock barrel to ascertain the upgrade value to be had with this unit.  The chosen platform is a slightly upgraded Tokyo Marui MP5SD3.   At the time of testing upgrades in this AEG are: polycarb piston and piston head, metal bearing spring guide, M100 spring, metal 6mm bushings, 16 gauge wire, MOSFET with Braking, 9.6v 1500mah battery.  All other parts are stock.

First we measured out a range of 40 feet.  This distance was chosen due to the lack of a large indoor range.  At ranges beyond 40 feet, we would have to try to compensate for wind in analyzing our results; something that would have made for a larger margin of error in the conclusion of the test.  The target is a 1″ grid with a cross hair pattern and a large red center dot.  In this example the windage on the rear sight was slightly off, thus the shots appear off center.  We are not concerned with that.  We are concerned with the groupings more than anything as consistency is the name of the game.  All shots were taken from a supported position with the gun resting on a bag.  Ten shots were fired into the target with the stock barrel and then 10 more with the Vanaras inner barrel.

FPS testing concluded that the stock Tokyo Marui barrel was only about 1 FPS lower than the Vanaras barrel averaged over the course of 10 shots.

The results of shooting the targets can be seen in the scanned targets below.  The stock Marui barrel was able to pull off a 2″ grouping.  The Vanaras barrel had a 2.5″ grouping with a few flyaways.

TM MP5 Vanaras BarrelTM MP5 Stock Barrel

At 100 feet we are still staying on an A4 size sheet of paper.  So what does all this tell us?

Vanaras has done a tidy job making an inexpensive replacement inner barrel.  Chronograph testings did not show a large gain in FPS, but did remain close in accuracy to a larger diameter inner barrel.  So what should we walk away with here?  If you’re upgrading a clone AEG with a poor inner barrel, need a replacement for a damaged inner barrel, or need  different length inner barrel; Vanaras selection of inner barrels should be a great choice for those on a tight budget.

The Numbers
Price: $14.49 USD (at the time of publication)
Construction: 7/10 While the barrel didn’t exhibit any wobble and was crowned well, it could have been machined a bit cleaner inside the barrel and around the hop up notch.
Performance: 7/10 There was not a big gain in velocity, but there was not a significant loss in grouping size either.
Value: 9/10 For those of you who need a replacement barrel due to a damage stock barrel, or possibly due to changing the length of your inner barrel this is a great value.



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30 01 2009
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