Vanaras 40mm 54 Shot M203 Grenade Shell

Yet another bit of love passed on to my by the folks at Vanaras.  These guys are some stand up guys I must tell you.  First off, if you haven’t seen my review of their other products, check out the Review page and take a look see.

This time around we are looking that the Vanaras 40mm 54 Shot M203 Grenade.   In a sport full skeptics and naysayers, will this product overcome their belief that  a budget M203 shell can’t perform on par or above par from the likes of Madbull?  I’m eager to find out.

First Impressions

Beyond anything I’m looking at the fact that this shell holds 54 rounds, but only costs $25.99 (at the time of this writing) @ RSOV.  Initial impressions are that this is a hefty chunk of metal that appears well machined and quite nice overall.   Okay, so let’s look closer.

Materials and Construction

PhotobucketThe exterior shell appears to be aluminum with the internal bearings made of steel as well as the spring.  The retaining o-rings seem to be pliable enough to hold the bbs in place.  The o-ring on the lower valve and above the threads on the main body are both thick enough to seal well.  I did notice that the o-ring along the under edge of the fill valve seemed a bit ridged, but it does appear to seal well.

The fill valve is well built but is ridiculously long.  I do not know the reasoning behind this, but I suspect that if you were to shorten it, you might be able to fit a bit more gas into the fill tank.  If anyone knows the purpose behind this please let me know.   The fill valve functions well, but I will say that I wish Vanaras had put an o-ring along the top of the fill valve (like they did with the POM grenade shells), to prevent leakage of gas while filling.

Overall the construction seems to be well done with some good quality machine work and the tolerances are good.   The bearings are a snug fit, but move easily within the valve.


Well, it’s a grenade shell… what are you looking for?  It holds 54 shots dispersed throughout six barrels.

PhotobucketThe only other real “feature” is the threading on the top of the unit that allows you to install the included “head” for the grenade to make it look more realistic, or an 8mm bb adapter (which will be reviewed shortly as well).


When it comes down to grenade shells, what you want is range and a medium spread.  Too wide of a spread and you miss everyone.  Too short of a range and you’d be better off ducking for cover, calling yourself out, or spraying and praying with your AEG.

Eagerly I loaded up 54 rounds of .2g 6mm ammo and gased it up.  Empty the shell weighs in a 215g and filled with propane it weighs in at 220g.  So that means we have a full 5g of propane in the shell.  That’s not bad.  We’re talking a gas to bb ratio of 0.093.  The POM shells only registered a ratio of 0.021 (higher is better).  That means that this should have decent range.

Stepping out to the measured range I fired a shot fully loaded from chest height parallel to the ground (detonation by hand without the use of any tube or m203 launcher).  I was quite satisfied with the results.  The shortest shot landed about 80 feet away with the farthest one reaching over 100 feet.  The width of the spread was approximately 20 feet.  That is excellent coverage without getting too thin.

PhotobucketAfter shooting follow up shots did require pressing the plunger in to reset the shell; as you’ll find with most any grenade shell.  Resetting was easy and didn’t require any tricks to accomplish.


Here we are.  It’s time to look at the numbers again.  Consider what we’ve seen and learned and come up with a summary of this product.  All in all Vanaras has made yet another upstanding product.  I’m beginning to wonder if they’ve got Madbull in their sights and they are aiming to take them down.  The machine work is top notch.  The grenade functions flawlessly and the performance overall is excellent and on par with any other similar shell.  With them being currently priced at $25.99, they are a bargain at RSOV.

Construction: 9/10 Aside from possibly needing a slightly better o-ring at the top and bottom of the fill valve, it’s bang on for quality construction.

Durability:9/10 I only refrain from giving it a 10 due to the fact I’ve only skirmished with it once so far.  It performed flawlessly given the cold temperatures that day.

Performance: 9/10 There’s always room for improvement.  A bit better range and slightly tighter grouping would be nice, but that’s asking a lot and I’m getting nitpicky here.  I could only ask honestly that they develop a self resetting system like the EGO shell that I reviewed a few weeks back.



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9 01 2009
Vanaras Metal Grenade Shell Review « The Festering Wound of the Airsoft World

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