Vanaras 8mm M230 Adapter

8mm Adapter
Vanaras has yet again been gracious enough to grace me with more of their products; and RSOV kind enough to ship them to me. This time around we’re looking at the 8mm bb adapter for m203 grenade shells. When 6mm bbs just don’t say enough… care enough to send 8 mils’.


Everything on this adapter appears to be have top notch construction. The threads are well cut. Each bore appears to be evenly spaced and sized. The notch for the o-ring is cut deep enough to allow the o-ring to engage the bbs. The o-ring itself is thick and should be plenty durable. Overall the construction quality is spot on.


There really isn’t much in the way of features as this device is just a feature add-on for your Vanaras metal m203 40mm shells. The use of this adapter allows you to use (6) 8mm bbs with your standard Vanaras m203 shells that have threaded studs on top.


Installing this onto the Vanaras shell is as easy as just screwing it in place, lining up the holes, and then using an hex wrench to set the set screw in place.

With the adapter in place, it’s time to gas it up and load the bbs in. The bbs load easily by hand and are retained well by the rubber o-ring. With the temperature around 70°F, we set off to test the shell with just (6) 8mm bbs in it. Firing the shell by hand held level at head height, we find the range to be about 50-60 feet, with a spread of about 15 feet wide. That makes for a coverage area of 150 sq. ft.. That’s a bit loose for such a small number of bbs. I’d like to see a smaller grouping when you’re only using 6 bbs. Of course, without a barrel and the native outward movement created by the o-ring retention system, this is to be expected. The short range can be attributed to the use of propane in temperatures lower than optimal.

Next we loaded the shell up with 6mm bbs and topped it off with 8mm bbs in the adapter. Firing the shell the same way as before, the range seemed to be the same as well as the spread. Of course, due to the increase in the number of bbs, the density in the impact zone was much greater.

We also tried firing the shell with the 8mm adapter installed, but only using 6mm bbs in the grenade. The adapter did not hinder the flight, distance, or influence the spread in any measurable amount.


The Vanaras 8mm bb adapter worked flawlessly throughout testing, and even during several skirmishes. You can easily load 6mm bbs before topping off with 8mm bbs. The set screw seemed to stay put well, and the quality of craftsmanship seems to be on par with other airsoft companies. I am pleased with the performance of this adapter, but would really like to see Vanaras come out with a full 8mm M203 40mm grenade shell.

Construction 10/10

Durability 10/10

Performance 7/10 Not to say that this unit performs at a level any lower than similarly designed units; but without a barrel of any type, the spread is too great. This is more a general design flaw. If you’re looking add a bit of punch to your grenades to be able to fire through thicker brush, this is the best way to do it.



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