Vanaras POM M203 Grenade Shell Version 2

19 10 2010

PhotobucketOur good friends at RSOV and Vanaras have supplied us with their new Version 2 self resetting M203 grenade shells for testing. Their previous design was ground breaking in that they created a much lighter weight grenade shell. Over the long term we found issues with the previous design that resulted in the grenade not resetting properly. This new version now has a self resetting valve that hopefully has corrected the shortcomings of the previous design. Want to know how it faired? Well, head on to the link below and find out for yourself.

Vanaras M203 POM Grenade Shell version 2


Vanaras Metal Grenade Shell Review

9 01 2009

PhotobucketVanaras sent me this a while back, unfortunately it’s just now that I’m getting around to reviewing it. I know that winter really isn’t the most popular time for grenade shells, but I’ll tell you what, even in cold weather this thing still functioned pretty well. The price is right, but is the performance there? Well, you’ll just have to read up on it to find out!

Vanaras 40mm 54 Shot M203 Grenade Shell

Vanaras Shell Update Again

15 12 2008

I recieved the newer version of the Vanaras POM shell this weekend.  I must say that, as I expected, it’s an improvement.  Check the reviews page for more details.

EGO / Aquilia M203 40mm Grenade Shell Reviewed

1 12 2008

I’m going through a bit of a phase right now involving grenade shells. Odd thing too, given the drop in temperatures here in the Northern Hemisphere. Alas, I am going to continue to systematically review these things through the hard cold winter months.

This review is all about the EGO… or as the package says… Aquilia M203 grenade shell. When you just want to rain down wanton destruction on your foes at the field, nothing says BOOM like an m203 shell going off; but what good does an m203 shell do if it doesn’t hit the target or even function? How well does the EGO / Aquila shell stack up?  Does it work?  Does it hold up to the retailer’s claims?  Well, that’s why I’m testing these things… so you don’t have to. Without wasting anymore time, click the link below and be whisked off to my review of the EGO / Aquilia M203 40mm grenade shell.

EGO / Aquilia 40mm M203 Grenade Shell

Vanaras POM M203 40mm Grenade Shells

21 11 2008

I’m excited to say I got my hands on one of these puppies and it’s been a great product to test.  Grenade shells have been around in the airsoft world for a bit, but there really hasn’t been much difference in them from one to the next, minus capacity or ammo type.  Vanaras comes out of the corner swinging by changing the way things are done and bringing to you the first POM grenade shell.  Light weight and inexpensive, this is truly a promising product.  Does it live up to the hype?  Well, click  the link below and read up on it.

I’d also like to thank RSOV for shipping these to me courtesy of Vanaras.

Review of the Vanaras POM M203 40mm Grenade Shell