Building a High ROF Setup Part 2

Okay, part one was short and sweet, now lets move on.

First things first. Is a high ROF setup right for you?

Well, if you’re a support gunner, then it’s a no brainier. Of course! If you only use high caps in an outdoor environment, then sure! Are you willing to allocate more money to purchasing bbs? If so then the answer is yes. Really there are only a few only reasons not to build a high ROF setup.

  1. You play at a site that allows semi-only. This is usually only reserved for indoor CQB sites.
  2. You’re using a bolt action rifle. Without an electric gearbox, then it’s a moot point.
  3. You use mid-caps or real-caps extensively. When you’re throwing down 25+ rounds per second a few short bursts can find you out of ammo really quickly.
  4. You’re not willing to invest the time to maintain your gearbox.

Okay, that’s settled. Doing a quick peek around and it looks like we’ve only lost a few so far. Okay class, now let’s start setting a goal as to what ROF you need or wish to achieve. Below are my recommendations, but these are a lot like the Pirates Code, they are more like guidelines than rules.

Role Woodland CQB
Support Gunner (SAW) 30-35 RPS 25-30 RPS
Rifleman 25 Rps 22 RPS

Now you have an idea of ROF you are looking to achieve, let us see how to get there.

For anything under 22 RPS you can really achieve your goal with nothing more than battery and wire upgrades. Once you are looking to go over 22 RPS, you need to look into new motors and possibly gears and upgraded internals for integrity and reliability.

Let us take a look and familiarize ourselves with what parts we might need to upgrade or modify to reach our goals.


Battery upgrades are the easiest as you can readily buy these from hobby and Airsoft stores everywhere. They do not require opening your gearbox, or modifying any part of your gun (in most cases). Batteries are available in various capacities, chemistries, and voltages.


The wiring in most AEG’s is subpar. I would not recommend upgrading any AEG without upgrading the wiring first. This is often a bottle neck for the system. Imagine trying to get the flow of Niagra Falls through a gap that is 2 feet wide. All that energy is bottled up on one side creating a lot of pressure, but it is unable to release it quickly enough.


AEG’s come stock with either small or large tamiya connectors. These connectors are good as far as standardization goes. Most battery packs come standard with these connectors, thus making them easy to use. There are better connectors out there, and we’ll discuss them in the upcoming parts.


AEG’s come with average motors. They neither excel in torque or ROF. They work well with a stock AEG shooting at a stock ROF, but if you’re looking for a higher ROF you might find that these become a bottle neck and will eventually limit the ROF you can achieve.


Depending on what your AEG came stock with, you might find the need to upgrade these either for reliability or to overcome limitations of your stock gear ratio. Gears are available in standard, high speed, and high torque versions.


Stock pistons are often adequate for most entry level high ROF setups, and require little to no modification. For reaching the higher numbers you might find that the stock piston just does not have the strength to accomplish what you need it to do and it may need to be modified.

Piston Head

These are seldom and issue when talking about high ROF. If you have good compression, these usually do not need replacing unless they are showing signs of stress or have been damaged or you are looking to increase the overall durability of the system.


Stock springs are usually around 1 joule, although it is increasingly popular to see higher rated springs in the clone market. The thing to keep in mind is that the stiffer the spring (higher fps), the slower the ROF. More on this later.

Spring Guide

This is usually a part that I usually recommend to upgrade to increase the efficiency of the system in both ROF and high FPS systems.


These are the near mythical little chips in the world of Airsoft. Most people do not fully understand these and what they are capable of doing and when they are necessary. I’ll go into more detail on these later in the series.

Now on to Part 3


2 responses

18 10 2011
Alex Rivera (@cottontail0016)

I’ve been looking around the forums/blogs to see a well written article about building a high ROF setup. This seems to be what I’ve been looking for. I wish I lived near your part of the woods and take my AEG to your shop, but sad to say I live on the opposite side of the world. I hope you’ll be completing this article soon. Looking forward to it. Thanks.

21 12 2011
ValAirsoft Shop Peru

hi, i am kind of new on airsoft, and i jus made a small modified to my rifle, change piston head and piston body and my gears and gear box broke, so i was wondering if you can help me to figure out wich upgrades should i do to keep or increase my rof, it was 25rps , and it was stock, so i want to keep that rof or increase it.
Thanks for your time .

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