Building a High ROF Setup

If you want to be an intimidating force in Airsoft, then nothing says keep out of my way like a high rate of fire. Sure shooting at 500 fps makes the other players say ouch, but that’s only after you’ve managed to peg them. If you’re running a support weapon or a rifleman who is trying to suppress the enemy or hit a moving target, then high ROF is where it’s at. Over the next few pages we’ll take a look at what it takes to set the goal for the ROF according to your gun and role in addition to building it and maintaining it.

First let’s answer some general questions about High ROF Setups, then we’ll get into the nitty gritty.

What does ROF mean?

ROF is an acronym for Rate of Fire. Often you’ll see it represented in terms of rounds per minute or rounds per second. In essence it is the number of rounds that can be chambered and leave your gun in a specified time period.

Why would I want a High ROF setup?

What is more intimidating, a single shot at 500 fps that hits near you or about 75 rounds hitting near you in less than 3 seconds? I can deal with a single hit, but getting hit 75 times in less than 3 seconds is a bit intimidating. If you’re a support gunner for your team, then a high ROF is imperative as your role relies on keeping the opposition pinned so the rest of your squad can assault or retreat.

What do you consider to be a high ROF?

Considering that most AEGs come stock shooting about .9-1 Joule and have a stock ROF of 15-16 rounds per second, I would consider anything 20+RPS to be a high ROF.

High ROF systems are expensive to build!

They can be, but it depends on how high you want your rate of fire to get, and what platform you are building it on. You will also be able to save money if you are able to do the work yourself.

Okay, that takes care of some of the basics, now let’s move on setting ROF goals and preparing for the build. Part 2


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