Installing One Point Sling and Adaptor Bracket on a Classic Army M4 / M16

This is a simple and easy to do mod for your M16 variant that makes it easier to use and carry that any “all thumbs” individual can do with a simple screwdriver.

Materials Needed:


M16 variant G&P One Point Sling with CQD plate (or similar facsimile) Long #2 Phillips Screw Driver 2mm Hex / Allen Wrench


Pull out mag.

In a safe direction, turn gun upside down and fire 2 times to ensure the chamber is clear.

Disconnect Battery.

Pull the stock adjustment lever down and pull the sliding stock off.


Remove the screw under the stock.


Remove the stock.


Install the CQD plate making sure it is installed according to your strong hand (lefty or righty).


Reassemble the stock assembly.


You’re done! Now that wasn’t hard was it?

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