M9 Lefty Mag Release Mod

Okay, maybe this is well known, but I’ve never seen mention of it anywhere. I noticed this the other day while writing up a review on the KJW M9. You can actually flip the mag release to the right side of the gun for lefties. It’s quite simple and only requires a screwdriver, and knowing the difference between your left and right, and clockwise and counterclockwise.

Step 1

Remove the two screws that hold the grip plates in place. They are circled in orange in the following picture:

Left Hand Mag Release Step 1

After removing them from both sides you’ll have this:

Left hand mag release mod for the M9 step1b


Step 2

When you take out the left side grip plate you need to watch for two things. One is this piece:

Step 2 of M9 lefty mag release

and the spring that is inside of it.

Step 3

Put the left side grip back on.

Step 4

Put the release back in, only this time from the right side, making sure that the button is facing the right side

Step 5

Replace the right side grip plate.


And you’re done!


tags: airsoft technical m9 mag release mod


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