About Team Infected

In 2006, I was introduced to the world of airsoft.  What started off as me and my brother-in-law shooting at each other in the backyard with a set of UTG shotguns, quickly spiraled into something just short of an obsession.  A few AEG’s later and we were skirmishing at a local woodland site.  Then some medical issues came into play and for 6+ months I was sidelined.  Through the grace of God, I was able to play again, and the desire to start a team began to build.  I started Infected Airsoft: The Festering Wound of the Airsoft World in 2007.  After a few weeks, I started to hear from manufacturers and retailers and my website took off.  With Infected Airsoft doing well, and becoming a household name at my local site, we started looking to recruit for a team.  It started off with just two people: myself (Infected aka SpamMan) and Spoonman.  Along came a player from just up the road from us, and over time we convinced him to play at our local skirmish site.  Later he was dubbed “Drew Carey” (you’d have to see him to believe it).  Unexpectedly, 2008 brought the latest addition to our team, Nomad.  He was a new player to woodland, but had CQB experience — although he was new to airsoft.  We hit it off, and Team Infected was officially born.

Today, Team Infected consists of those 4 members, but we are looking for more.  The fundamental building block of our team is this.  At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, it’s just a game we play to have fun.  We believe in milsim tactics and have a desire to win, but we’re not going to sacrifice fun to do it.  We do not have a rank or command system in place at all times.  We will only use rank systems for large operations — and then its mainly to handle organization of communications.  We expect integrity from each other on and off the field; calling hits and being the better man is not optional.  Honesty and fair play is the only way we play.  Our unity as a team doesn’t rely on matching equipment or gear, but rather a fundamental desire to enjoy airsoft together, and play as effectively as we can as a unit.

If you’re reading this, live in the Atlanta area, and interested in becoming a team member of Team Infected, drop me a line using the contact box below.  Please make sure to include your email address information somewhere in the message.

“Infected” — Founder

Team Infected — “God’s on our side, who’s on yours?”


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29 08 2008

You guys are great. I’ve noticed your not like alot of those other teams all fed up with themselves. Your realistic and smart, and from what i’ve heard, you work together outstandingly (what a concept). I’m currently the leader of an airsoft team (Second Seal). We started out much like you guys, and at about the same time. I saw you guys at Georgetown once or twice, merely getting me interested in who exactly you were. After reading this and your review on the Darkstar game, I see you as an inspiration at what I hope to get my team up to. Good job and keep it up!


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