Infected Armory Reborn!

1 06 2013

As many of you know I’m the owner and operator of Infected Armory.  Many of you have bought our MOSFET systems over the years, and we are continuing to sell the best bang for the buck Braking MOSFET for airsoft guns there is.    It is now time for the next step, and we have completely overhauled our online store to provide you with more choices, and now SHS products as well.  We’re excited to see where this next step takes us, and we’re hoping to get more products in our store and in your hands soon!  Keep an eye out @ for more details!


WE M4 GBB Black Edition Reviewed

5 12 2011

PhotobucketThanks to the guys at AirSplat, we have reviewed the WE M4 GBB Black Edition.  Whether you’re looking for an training tool, or just a skirmish weapon, this review one you should certainly check out.

WE GBB M4 Black Edition Review


19 10 2011

PhotobucketThe folks at KWA were epic in sending us an ATP for review!  We all know that this is KWA Glock internals with new clothing.  Question is, is it just like the KWA Glock of old?  Does the ATP make a suitable replacement for the Glock in terms of training use?  Read more at the link below to find out:
KWA ATP Review

KWA Technical Bulletin for the ATP

20 09 2011

Some purchasers of the new KWA ATP have had issues with the slide being stuck.  What they have found is that the impact buffer may be installed backwards on some of their guns.  They are correcting the issue and have instructed retailers to test each unit they have in stock.  If you have issues with your slide being stuck, please check out the video below for the procedure to correct the problem.

New reviews and tech articles on the way!

20 09 2011

We’ve recently recieved a WE M4 and have the new KWA ATP on the way. Keep your eyes open for a review on each of them!

We also have a few technical articles in the works. Many of you loved the Lipoly articles, and have voiced how much you feel they helped fuel the lipoly revolution of sorts we’ve seen in airsoft over the past year. I hope these next few articles are as informative and enjoyed by airsoft techs and show us more insight into the some of the lesser explored concepts of the gearbox. So what are going to be talking about in these articles? We’ll I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but it will be one geared heavily towards airsoft techs and tuners.